Metal Mountain Resources Inc.
Gavin Mines Inc.

February 8th, 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dome Mountain Project Update

Metal Mountain Resources and Gavin Mines are pleased to provide our shareholders with an update on the Dome Mountain Project including progress on the water treatment plant and additional drilling results from the 2010 diamond drilling program completed in September.

Water Treatment System

In January 2011 the erection of an engineered steel building at the Dome mine site was completed by local Smithers contractor David Piffer. This building will house the water treatment plant. Management is currently reviewing two systems for water treatment.

The Dome Mountain mine effluent water will require treatment to remove metals and suspended solids before it can be recycled or released into the environment. A sediment control pond will be utilized to settle suspended solids and a water treatment plant will reduce the dissolved zinc and cadmium levels to 0.18 mg/L and 0.00012 mg/L respectively as required by our Environmental Management Act permit.

The water treatment plant will employ either a high density sludge (HDS) process or electro-coagulation (EC) to remove dissolved zinc and cadmium. HDS is a chemical process that causes metals to precipitate out of solution by increasing the pH of the water. Electro-coagulation is an electro-chemical process that simultaneously removes heavy metals, suspended solids, emulsified organics and many other contaminants from water using electricity. The process uses electricity and sacrificial plates to combine with contaminants in a waste stream, producing insoluble oxides and hydroxides that are easily separated from the clear water. Based on bench scale test work, both processes will reduce zinc and cadmium to the desired levels. The decision on which plant to use will depend on other factors such as availability and cost.

Water treatment building

2010 Diamond Drilling Results

Management is encouraged with the 2010 drill program results. Additional drill programs are planned for the Dome Mountain Project in 2011.

The following assay results (Table 1) from the 2010 diamond drilling program were not previously released pending completion of the Quality Control/Quality Assurance program. Check procedures included pulp re-assays, duplicate quarter core samples, screen metallics assays, and visual inspection of the core for native gold.

Detailed visual inspection of the core identified visible gold in high grade samples from holes DM-10-064 and DM-10-078.

Results of pulp re-assays from holes DM-10-059 and DM-10-DM-10-062 confirmed the original results.

Results from a quarter-core duplicate sample from DM-10-071 highlight the local variability of the gold and silver mineralization. The results from the original half-core samples are deemed reportable.

The results from the screen metallics assays from DM-10-072 indicate the local importance of free gold in the Boulder Vein System. Where performed, the metallics assay is the reported value, as it is considered the most accurate.

The technical information in this news release has been prepared in accordance with Canadian regulatory requirements as set out in National Instrument 43-101. Daryl Hanson, P.Eng. is contracted as a consultant to the company and acted as the company's Qualified Person, as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the full contents of this news release.

Drill results

Drill results map

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