Metal Mountain Resources Inc.
Gavin Mines Inc.

July 6, 2016
Vancouver, British Columbia


Metal Mountain Resources Inc. ("MMR") regrets to announce that at this time MMR is unable to pay dividends as earlier planned. The reasons for the delay, as well as plans for Gavin Mines Inc ("GMI") moving forward, are explained in more detail below.

Section 4.2(a) and (b) of the Share Purchase and Shareholder's Agreement dated November 27, 2015 between GMI, the then existing shareholder's of GMI, and Dome Mountain Resources of Canada Inc ("DMRC"), states "if the Company does not have the permit and drilling results specified under this Section 4.2 by June 30, 2016 this Agreement shall be terminated except for the provisions of Sections 3.1 and Article 8 of this Agreement which will continue in full force and effect". DMRC has purchased 14.48% of GMI's issued shares under the terms of the Shareholder's Agreement. Section 3.1 and Article 8 set out the terms of the Shareholder's Agreement among all the shareholders of GMI.

Notwithstanding that the drilling results "condition" of the Agreement were fulfilled by the Company (we are awaiting the NI43-101 report from Steve Cutler of Rough Stock Mining Services), however, GMI was not able to obtain the amended permit for the mill and tailings management facility from the BC government by June 30, 2016. The government ministries responsible for issuing such permits are under intense stress and scrutiny as a result of changing regulations brought on by serious problems (i.e. major tailings dam breaches at other mines in the Province). As a result, the government has brought into effect higher mandatory environmental protection requirements at the engineering and design level for all tailings management facilities to be permitted in the Province, which has created a backlog of old and new applications for permitting.

Notwithstanding, while the permitting climate in BC has changed significantly since the major breaches of tailings dams in the Province, (commencing in August 2014), GMI submitted our Amended Permit Application in February 2014 and remains confident that by making some changes to our tailings disposal plan, amended permits will be issued to GMI. Falkirk Resource Consultants of Vancouver have been recently engaged to help communicate with the government of BC on sensitive issues surrounding the permit amendments.

In the meantime, GMI has entered into negotiations with Nicola Mining Inc (Nicola) to ship to and process ore from the Dome Mine site at Nicola's facility located approximately 15 km outside of Merritt, BC. GMI is presently permitted to mine ore from the Dome Mine and plans to put the Dome Mine back into Stage 1 production at a rate of 100 tonnes per day, after addressing a few minor government requirements.

Nicola, under agreement with GMI and as a test run for a proposed future milling and smelting agreement is currently processing 4,700 tonnes of GMI ore that was stockpiled at Quesnel, BC. Initial indications are that recoveries are in line with our metallurgical projections. Nicola will ship the concentrates to a smelter after GMI has reviewed and approved the proposed smelter agreement. Nicola has expressed interest in pursuing a longer-term contract with GMI to process ore directly from the mine at a rate of 100 tonnes per day.

For GMI's Mines Act permit amendment regarding the installation of a 250 tonne per day mill and tailings disposal for Stage 2, GMI is required to complete an engineering study on the feasibility of different BAT (Best Available Technology) and best engineering study for the feasibility of acceptable tailings disposal options, before the application for an amended permit can be updated and resubmitted. In addition, the company will need to update the kinetic test water quality effects model for the site and the new proposed discharge limits.

The cash flow from Stage 1 mining of the Dome Mine and the milling at the Nicola mill in Merritt will produce cash flow that is expected to enable GMI to fund the Stage 2 permit amendment requirements. It is also GMI's plan to continue to meet our present obligations and to use any excess funds generated from the above activity to drill and establish additional resources at the Dome Mine. All of the aforementioned programs are expected to increase the value of the Dome Mine.

Lloyd Tattersall

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