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Lloyd Minerals Inc.

April 16th, 2014
Smithers, British Columbia

Big Onion Project Update

Management of Metal Mountain Resources Inc. and Lloyd Minerals Inc. (the Company) are pleased to provide the following update on the progress at the Big Onion Copper-Molybdenum Project near Smithers, British Columbia.

Dr. Mathias Westphal, P.Geo., the head geologist on the Big Onion Project has provided the following summary:

"Commencing in the fall of 2013 the Company completed 4,467m of HQ size diamond drilling on 15 drill pads and 20 holes. The targeting of the exploration program was two fold.

1. The first 7 holes were focused on the southwestern part of Main Zone of the property to infill drill holes at 50 to 100m spacing to previous holes in order to give the calculation of the resource higher confidence and an extension in depth (up to 250m), since in those areas information raised on percussion drillings from 1974/75 (max. 80m depth). The geophysical signatures of the known part of the Main Zone show intermediate chargeability and intermediate magnetic signals.

2. The second exploration target was the southwest extension showing high chargeability combined with either high or low magnetic signals, where 13 holes were drilled to test the anomalies. The reasoning behind testing a different geophysical pattern is based on the physical properties of chalcocite and chalcocite bearing rocks. Chalcocite is abandoned in the upper oxidation zone of this deposit, also known as supergene. Chalcocite, a break down product of oxidized chalcopyrite, shows very low resistivity and high chargeability. Another possible break down product of chalcopyrite is secondary magnetite, which would result in high magnetic signals."

2013 Diamond Drill Holes

Map of Big Onion Drill

Highlights from the first 7 holes from the known deposit:

BM 2013-01
Cu 0.21% over 249m including
Cu 0.32% over top 115m including
Mo 0.012% over top 96.6m including
Cu 0.42% and Mo 0.01% over top 83m, including
Au 0.09g/tonne from 53 to 83m

BM 2013-02
Copper 0.11% over 223.5m including
Cu 0.20% from 165 to 223.5m including
Mo 0.014% from 209 to 217m

BM 2013-03
Cu 0.31% over 250.5m including
Cu 0.37% over top 197m including
Cu 0.38% over top 149m including
Mo 0.018% from 79 to 123m and
Au 0.25 g/tonne from 96 to 105m

BM 2013-04
Cu 0.26% over 185m including
Cu 0.47% over top 85m including
Mo 0.01% from 30.3 to 75m and
Au 0.12 g/tonne from 34.5 to 44m and
Au 0.18 g/tonne from 68 to 81m

BM 2013-05
Cu 0.19% over 252m including
Cu 0.27% and Mo 0.021% over top 141m including
Cu 0.29% and Mo 0.020% over top 109m

BM 2013-06
Cu 0.21% and Mo 0.012% over 220m including
Cu 0.26% and Mo 0.015% over top 171.5m including
Cu 0.32% and Mo 0.015% over top 139m
Au 0.2 g/tonne over 2m from 212 to 214m

BM 2013-07
Cu 0.27% over 225m and
Mo 0.01% over 225m including
Mo 0.019% from 127 to 225m
Cu 0.31% and Mo 0.024% over top 167m including
Cu 0.33% and Mo 0.022% over top 151m

The southwest extension of the known deposit shows some promising results:

BM 2013-9
Cu 0.47% and Au 0.12 g/tonne from 55 to 56.8m
BM 2013-13
Cu 0.10% from 30 to 108m including Mo 0.025% from 94 to 103m
BM 2013-15
Mo 0.006% over top 129m including Mo 0.010% from 84 to 129m and Cu 0.175% from 84 to 101m
BM 2013-19
Mo 0.009% from 60 to 185m including Mo 0.096% from 60 to 62m, and Mo 0.012% from 116 to 185m including Mo 0.016% from 126 to 161m

Results from the 2013 drill program are highly encouraging. Drilling results warrant further work on the infill drilling of the Main Zone and, furthermore, the extension of the known deposit to the East, West, and to depth.

Notably, recent new mines and mine plans (e.g. Mt Milligan, north of Fort St. James, BC) are calculated based on a cut off grade of copper down to 0.1 % Cu-equivalent due to commodity prices and concentration technologies. The current resource estimate on the Big Onion Project is based on a cut off grade of copper at 0.2% Cu. Therefore, a recalculated resource estimate based on the results of this program and the changed commodity prices may be warranted. In addition, in order to achieve reliable data for the efficiency of the concentration process and the stripping ratio, metallurgical testing should be initiated.

"I have always believed in the Big Onion's potential," says Lloyd Tattersall, Senior Founder, President and CEO of Metal Mountain Resources. "This drill program provides solid evidence that there is still plenty of room to expand. It's exciting! I look forward to a much larger drill program in the future with the intention of finding out just how big the Big Onion really is.

In conclusion, we drilled 20 holes. The first 7 were in our Main Zone where prior drilling took place (2006-2008) and where our existing copper/molybdenum resource is located. These infill drill holes have resulted in two positive outcomes: first, they have increased confidence in the existing resource calculation; and second, they were drilled much deeper and point to the opportunity to increase the existing resource by means of additional drilling at depth and an updated resource calculation in the future.

The next 13 holes were exploratory in nature. They have provided us with valuable insight into how to interpret the induced polarization survey. This information will be instrumental in choosing stronger exploration targets in future drill programs."

Dr. Mathias Westphal, P.Geo., Head Geologist

The technical information in this news release has been prepared in accordance with Canadian regulatory requirements as set out in National Instrument 43-101. Dr. Mathias Westphal, P.Geo., is contracted as a consultant to the company and acted as the company's Qualified Person, as defined by National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed and approved the full contents of this news release.

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